Installation View during Nicholas Pye's Photo/Installation class visit to Jimmy Limit's "Surplus" exhibition.   Photo by Nicholas Pye

Installation View of Jimmy Limit’s “Surplus” exhibition at Clint Roenisch Gallery. Photo by Nicholas Pye.

Congratulations to recent alumni Jimmy Limit for winning The $5000  Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Gattuso Prize in recognition of of his exhibition Surplus at Clint Roenisch Gallery in Toronto.

The jury members, Lise Beaudry and Sara Knelman, said, “It is our pleasure to award the Gattuso Prize to Jimmy Limit for his show Surplus. Limit’s beautifully executed installation incorporates photography, sculpture, everyday objects and graphic design. Colour, scale and inventive combinations make for a surrealist Pop aesthetic that plays on the intersections among still-life, commerce and the culture of consumption. We found ourselves taken in by the light-hearted spirit here, but also moved by Limit’s considered sense of spatial relationships and keen attention to the architecture of the gallery as frame. This is an ambitious, agile show that takes an expansive view of photography, not only as a way of showing and telling but as a critical structure for seeing and thinking.”

Today is the last day to see the exhibition, don’t miss out!

Surplus by Jimmy Limit
Clint Roenisch Gallery
190 St Helens Ave

Toronto, ON

May 30 at 2 p.m., Jimmy Limit will give a talk and walkthrough of the exhibition.