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Course Description: CROS 3003 – Gibraltar Point, A Living Lab
May 17 to June 30th, 2016 

Students come from all areas of OCAD University to work in collaboration or independently to producing site-specific artworks or design solutions. During the course, students conduct research with the support of day trips and tours on the island. Evening programming supplements the day’s activities through the coordination of meals, screenings, lectures, readings and discussions. students participate in workshops and group critiques with visiting artists. This interdisciplinary initiative embraces collaborative and community building methodologies within studio production. There is potential to partner with the island parks department to work on permanent and temporary projects.

The student residency takes place at the Gibraltar Point Art Centre on Toronto Islands from May 24th to June 30th.  Students from across the university curriculum work and live together to create a dynamic residency. This is a half credit course. The first class is at OCAD U in Room 543 on May 17 the second class is on May 19th and will be a day trip to the Island.

There is an additional fee for accommodation fee at the Art Centre, there are also camping sites available.

If for some reason you have issues registering or questions about this course for please let me know.

Faculty: April Hickox:  aprilhickox@gmail.com

The course includes up to three spaces for graduate students. If a graduate student is interested, they will need to speak to me and their graduate supervisor about additional course content to meet the graduate level criteria.