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Project 31 – Thank you!


Thanks to the Project 31 organizing committee, the generous artists who donated artwork and the  eager bidders who came out on Wednesday night to support the OCAD U community!  

The Photography Program would like to extend an extra special thank you to:

Kotama Bouabane, Acacia Johnson, Hugh Martin, & Tek Yang  who are directing the auction proceeds from their work to the Photography Special Projects Fund, which supports guest lecturer visits, special workshops, events, and residency programs, enriching student experience and professional opportunities.

April Hickox is directing the auction proceeds from her work to the Living Laboratory at Artscape’s Gibraltar Point. This unique course includes a one week residency where OCAD U students collaborate to produce site-specific artworks and design solutions in the environment of the Toronto Islands.

Peter Sramek is directing the auction proceeds from his work to student travel for the Photography International Collaboration Studio; providing third & fourth year students the opportunity to collaborate with various universities around the world, creating artworks and new networks.

Hugh Martin: Project 31

Spotlight on Project 31: A live auction in support of OCAD U students

Hugh Martin, "Catacombs #2, Paris", 2004

Hugh Martin, “Catacombs #2, Paris”, 2004

Talented artist and much loved OCAD U technician Hugh Martin is directing the auction proceeds from his work to Special Projects in the Photography Program.

“My love of Paris took me underground into the catacombs. I could smell the earthy smell and hear the pebbles beneath my feet as I descended into the passages. I’d read that millions who had died eventually found their resting places in these historic quarries. I wanted to experience the place and to capture it, but I wondered whether I should be taking the photographs at all. As I worked, I felt removed from the factual history of the place, and became entranced by the immediacy of what was before me. Whenever I look at this photograph, I think about my own mortality.”

The live auction will happen: 

Thursday, March 26, 2015
OCAD University, Great Hall, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto
Artwork Preview: 6 p.m., Live Auction: 7:30 p.m.

Catalogue Preview


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