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Measured Time: April Hickox, Kotama Bouabane & Alex Kisilevich

April Hickox. "Variations (Grey)," 2016. Video still. Image courtesy of the artist.

April Hickox. “Variations (Grey),” 2016. Video still. Image courtesy of the artist.

Measured Time

Harbour front Centre, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto

June 25 – September 18, 2016


Exhibition featuring: Mark Bell, Kotama Bouabane, Jamie Campbell, Martha Eleen, Eric Glavin, Maggie Groat, April Hickox, Alex Kisilevich

Curated by Patrick Macaulay.


Kotama Bouabane

Arrow is an appropriated image taken from the 1980 October Issue of National Geographic’s magazine that focused on bamboo. The image is printed on Hahnemühle bamboo-fibre paper and the arrow is cut out to highlight how images are constructed in relation to representation, materiality and commerce. The National Geographic brand of black sand fabricates the natural and creates an illusion of another environment that is foreign and unfamiliar.

– Kotama Bouabane

Kotama Bouabane. "Arrow" (detail), 2016. Digital print on bamboo paper & National Geographic Black Sand. Image courtesy of artist.

Kotama Bouabane. “Arrow” (detail), 2016. Digital print on bamboo paper & National Geographic Black Sand. Image courtesy of artist.

Kotama Bouabane has an MFA in Studio Arts (Photography) from Concordia University, Montreal and an AOCAD from OCAD. His work has been exhibited in many galleries including Centre A (Vancouver), Parisian Laundry (Montreal), Gallery 44 (Toronto). He has received many awards and grants from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council & the Canada Council for the Arts. He lives and works in Toronto and is represented by Erin Stump Projects.




April Hickox

Variations (Grey) is parts to a series of videos and stills that renew my exploration of the object through photography. This work begins to question issues of value, providence, and authorship. In particular, Variations will reflect on the construction, symbolism and nature of a still life built by the contemporary artist. I have been working initially with the objects available through the drawing and painting prop cupboard at OCADU University. This well worn resource includes white cones and spheres and other common objects that are chosen for their texture and form for the purpose of students learning traditional drawing and painting skills. (Grey) is one of six films and part of the series of work entitled, Primaries.

Thanks go to Alexa Hickox and Ray Salaber.

– April Hickox

April Hickox is a Canadian lens-based artist, teacher and independent curator who lives on the Toronto Islands. Hickox’s work is based in narratives, with a broad range of approaches to subject, with an affinity to landscape, encompassing history, memory, and site. She has produced work in various media including photography, film, video and installation. Supported by all levels of funding throughout her career she has exhibited nationally and internationally. An active community leader, the founding director of Gallery 44 Center For Contemporary Photography, and a founding member of Tenth Muse Studio, and Artscape. Notable exhibitions include the, Harbourfrount Centre, Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Maclaren Art Centre, The Oakville Galleries, Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.



Alex Kisilevich

My work frequently reconfigures everyday objects to produce new and often absurd meaning. Playfully blending medium and materiality, my practice both alludes to and incorporates photography, sculpture, painting and the moving image.

In Under Padding, I arrange varying types of carpet under padding together (a material used often in my photographs), to encompass the surface of this vitrine. The painterly quality of the material is interrupted by each successive pad, as the piece becomes an immersive installation.

– Alex Kisilevich

Alex Kisilevich. "Under Padding," 2016. Urethane foam, rubber. Image courtesy of the artist.

Alex Kisilevich. “Under Padding,” 2016. Urethane foam, rubber. Image courtesy of the artist.

 Alex Kisilevich is an artist living and working in Toronto. His work has been featured in publications such as Magenta Foundation’s Flash ForwardBlackFlash Magazine and Canadian Art. His photographs have been exhibited internationally, including a recent exhibition at Louis B James Gallery in New York.


Kotama Bouabane at Gallery 44

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