I’m sick of talking weather, : Gina D’Aloisio

I'm sick of talking weather,

I’m sick of talking weather,
Gina D’Aloisio
March 4 – 13, 2021

Beaver Hall Gallery
29 McCaul St
Thursday–Saturday, 11am–5 pm

It has been clear to scientists for many years now that climate change poses a serious and existential threat to humankind. So why has there been no drastic measures taken to prevent this issue? I’m sick of talking weather, seeks to answer this question by investigating the strategies used by systems of power to mislead, and pacify the public, while questioning how this cause and effect leads to a cycle of disfunction which damages our environment. To explore these themes, I use everyday objects connected to both weather and climate, in conjunction with the body, replicated in silicone. By using irony to destabilize these objects and tropes, I destabilize my audience encouraging them to question their environments.