Perspective of three: HenryCM

April 1-10, 2021                                                                                                                   Abbozzo Gallery
401 Richmond St W, Suite 128
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm


The Conditioned Human: Samatha Hurst, Hayley Myatt, Robert Gordon Ridgway, and Zoë Santo

April 1-10, 2021                                                                                                                    Beaver Hall Gallery
29 McCaul St.
Thursday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm

The Conditioned Human uses the body as material and metaphor to explore human relationships to self and others; mental health and addiction; and societal and political responsibilities.

Samantha Hurst:

Hayley Myatt:

Robert Gordon Ridgway:

Zoë Santo:

BEING IN THE WORLD : Janeen Gilbert, Velta Vikmanis, Nabeela Malik and an online participation by Andrea Veintimilla

BEING IN THE WORLD is connecting with nature, with land, with others, and with our past. It is acknowledging who came before us with gratitude and respect. Being in the world is connecting to our senses and our surroundings. It is being able to feel the sublime and the uncanny in relation to place.

Being in the world is a commitment to actively engage with everything and a desire to connect with other individuals. Being in the world encourages viewers to reflect on their presence and spiritual experience of being in the world. Through creative environments that explore living and nourishing ourselves as souls that have bodies rather than bodies that have souls. Being in the world is being present, reflective, authentic, aware, and empathetic. All of this is BEING IN THE WORLD.

Janeen Gilbert:

Velta Vikmanis:

Nabeela Malik: 

Andrea Veintimilla: 

With Templo de Reflejo, I want to spatially represent land, the sacred, and the cultural ancestry of the Ilaló Mountain. My work is a public art proposal for the Ilaló Mountain called Templo de Reflejo. It is a space to contemplate land, connect with the sacred, and ancestral culture. The space connects the viewer with nature and incites feelings of belonging and care.

To Retrieve a Possible Heirloom : Kristi Chen

To Retrieve a Possible Heirloom
Kristi Chen
Mar 18-27th

Abbozzo Gallery
401 Richmond St W, Suite 128
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm

An heirloom, a memento to keep a legacy alive. Passed down from generation to generation through words and objects, these are the gestures that provide us archives to carry knowledge. Nevertheless, the system of capitalism, mass – industrialization, colonialism, hierarchal structures, and technological advancement has disrupted many individuals’ abilities to pass down certain legacies. A product of my ancestors, this has left me to wonder how one retrieves the loss of inter-generational knowledge and create a possible heirloom.