Industrialization and Mass Print Culture

Industrialization is a word mostly used to denote the development advancements made by the countries found in Western Europe and America. The development advancements were experienced between the 19th and 20th century. 

Lithography on a Limestone
Lithography on a Limestone

The adoption of mechanized production systems from the old agricultural subsistence production economy. The newly adopted production system involved the application of highly efficient and technical methods to exploit natural resources.


Advantages of industrialization:

Many jobs were created by the factories, the speed of production and transportation of goods increased due to the application of machines and the development of urban cities. lotsofworkers                  

Disadvantages of industrialization:

Overcrowding occurred in the urban areas resulting in health problems brought about by environmental pollution.


With the industrialization, new technologies were developed that enabled lithographs to be produced in multiple colors and in large sizes hence promoted the advertisement industry and printing of beautiful posters by artists.


Chromolithograph of the city of Toronto
Chromolithograph of the city of Toronto


Lithography is a printing method that utilizes the principle of the im-miscibility of liquids. It is a printing method that was initially based on the idea that water and oil cannot mix. It can be used to print artwork or text on paper or any other relevant material. The invention of this printing method made it easy to produce large forms of prints from one drawing on a piece of limestone.

The industries widely apply the method in the printing of magazines and books. Offset lithography requires complex machinery and tools as such it is mainly used to reproduce initial artistic works.