History of the Disney Studios Logo

Since its founding in 1923, Disney Studios has been pushing the limit of animation, bringing a world of fairy tale into our reality. 

Aside from Disney’s success in movies and animation, as the largest media company in the world, Walt Disney’s company logo is one of the most iconic, recognizable, logo in the world. 

The Walt Disney Studios we know grew out of the “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio”, founded  in 1923 by Walt and his brother Roy.


 The early Disney logo was simple: black letter spell out the name of the company.



  The success of Micky Mouse in 1928 brought the company to the next level. Mickey Mouse, as the mascot of the company, made appearances in almost every logo design.


In 1995, Pixar and Disney released the world’s first computer animated movie Toy Story. With the help from Pixar, Disney revolutionized the animation industry, bringing the world in a 3d era. Along with the success of the movie, Pixar helped Disney create a 3d logo, featuring Cinderella castle, a shooting star, and company name spelled out down below; very similar to the Disney logo we see nowadays. 

The “Disney font”, introduced around this time, has become an iconic symbol as well. “The typeface is not, as many assume, based on the actual handwriting of Walt Disney; rather, it is an extrapolation of the Walt Disney Company’s corporate logotype, which was based on a stylized version of Walt Disney’s autograph. First released in 2000, Walt Disney Script was continuously updated and eventually renamed Waltograph in 2004.” (Waltograph, wikipedia)


With the advanced of animation technology, Disney Logo went through a makeover. Continuing use the same same color theme, font, castle and the shooting star, however the current logo took a realistic approach, with help of modern technology, showing incredible details. “This picture serves to be even more eye-catching to the average viewer and, like the original logo, serves as an example of the technological abilities of the company.”(Walt Disney Logo,logaster )


The Disney Logo is a success in countless ways. The spell out “Disney” in Waltograph has become an icon for varies ages of audiences. “The Disney logo remains a symbol of growth, magic and entertainment.”(techcty.com)






The Disney logo: All there is to know about the Walt Disney brand

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